Malus x zumi var. calocarpa Redbud crabapple. Tree native to Japan. This zumi crabapple is valued for its profuse, spring bloom of fragrant white flowers and its glossy, small bright red crabapples which mature in the fall and often persist into December.

Welcome Gardeners

The mission of the St. Louis Master Gardener organization is to provide horticultural information and assistance to the public for community service and gardening pleasure through the volunteer efforts of Master Gardeners.

St. Louis Master Gardeners have been enriching our community since 1983. From a few people answering the help line at Missouri Botanical Garden and the St. Louis County Extension office, our organization has grown to over 300 active Master Gardeners who volunteer at the Botanical Garden's Kemper Center as well as throughout the Garden's grounds and with community groups in the St. Louis region.

In 2015, St. Louis Master Gardeners contributed nearly 47,000 volunteer hours to our community. Our 
Speakers Bureau presented 116 talks on garden topics to groups in the Greater St. Louis area.

We also help fellow gardeners through educational posts on our Facebook page, a list of key gardening resources on this website and the continuing interaction between Master Gardeners and lovers of gardening in our area.

Master Gardeners stay current on gardening information through monthly educational presentations. (Members only)

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How to become a Master Gardener.


Meet Me Outdoors at the Missouri Botanical Garden
Apr 01, 2017

Join outdoor enthusiasts from across the region to kick-off spring in St. Louis by staffing a Master Gardener booth on April 1st & 2nd.