Save the Date: Master Gardener Holiday Party
Shakespeare in Henry Shaw's Garden
St. Louis Master Gardener Winter Book Group Introduction & Book Swap
Winter Book Group

Speakers' Program Topics

A Dark Side to Your Garden
A Perfect Perennial - Daylily Magic for Your Garden
All About Orchids
Alpine Garden Tour
Annuals & Perennials
Aromatherapy for the Garden
Autumn Spectacular
Backyard Composting
Best Gardening Practices for a Sustainable Garden
Birds in the Garden
Boxwood: the Oldest Garden Ornamental
Bring the Natives Home
Critical for Gardening - Get the Dirt on Soil
Designing A Perennial Garden
Downsizing Your Garden
Extend Garden Interest into Late Summer, Fall
Flowering Shrubs
Forest Park from a Gardener's Perspective
Garden Invaders
Glades of Missouri
History of Missouri Botanical Garden
Is it Edible? Tips on Mushroom Hunting
Landscape Design - two topics
Landscaping with Native Trees and Shrubs
Orchids of Missouri Botanical Garden: Behind the Scene of the Orchid Show and Greenhouses
Orchids: Lure and Legend
Organic Gardening
Photosynthesis - It's not just about plants
Plants of the Bible
Plants that Changed the Course of History
Pruning Basics
Rain Gardening
Safe, Ergonomic Gardening
Secrets to Growing Roses in St. Louis
Spring Garden Preparation
Spring Wildflowers of Missouri
The Art of Container Gardening
The Fragrant Garden
The Linnean House at Missouri Botanical Garden
Top 10 Orchids for the Home
Tour - Daylily
Tour - Iris
Tour - Native sun/prairie
Tour - Orchid Show
Tour - St. Louis Herb Garden at MBG
Understanding the Shade Environment
Verticle Gardening
Wildflowers of the High Sierra
Winter Damage
Winter's Natural Beauty

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