About Us

The St. Louis Master Gardener Program was established in 1983 by the Missouri Botanical Garden in partnership with University of Missouri Extension. The purpose of this partnership has been to provide horticultural education and outreach into the St. Louis Community through training volunteers to educate the gardening public. The world renowned Missouri Botanical Garden plays home to the St. Louis Master Gardener Program. Organizational meetings are conducted in the Kemper Center for Home Gardening. The Master Gardener Program is coordinated by an Advisory Committee consisting of nine Master Gardeners who are elected for 3-year terms. Within the Advisory Committee, individuals are elected to positions as Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson/Treasurer, Secretary, and sub-committee heads to include Continuing Education, Communications, Speaker's Bureau, Community Outreach and Membership. The Advisory Committee is overseen by two representatives - one from each of the Partners. They act as coordinators to manage training, program priorities, resources, budget and volunteer service.