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Master Gardeners win two awards at Volunteer Appreciation Evening

St. Louis Master Gardeners garnered two of the nine volunteer awards (and a honorable mention) at the Missouri Botanical Gardens' Volunteer Appreciation Evening on May 18, 2015. Dr. Peter Wyse Jackson thanked the volunteers for all their hours of service.

St. Louis Master Gardener Mark Kalk won the Extra Service Hours Award presented to the volunteer who gives time above and beyond their normal volunteer commitment. Hardworking Mark registered an amazing 944 hours in 2014 as part of his jobs as Chair of the State Master Gardener Conference in St. Louis, South Tech Greenhouse volunteer, and played an important role in the St. Louis Herb Society Sale.

Janet Vetter (MG 2014) won the Rookie Volunteer of the Year Award for her dedication to the Therapeutic Horticulture program and new job as an Missouri Botanical Garden Docent.  

The St. Louis Master Gardeners were nominated for the Group Excellence category (over 44,000 hours contributed last year!), but lost out to the worthy folks on the Therapeutic Horticulture Volunteer Team. 

 Congratulations to all!