Volunteer and Continuing Education Hours Policy for St. Louis Master Gardeners

January 1, 2017

A St. Louis Master Gardener is considered “in good standing” provided they report annually (Jan 1 through Dec 31)

  1. A minimum of forty (40) hours of volunteer service in approved volunteer activities
  2. A minimum of ten (10) hours of Continuing Education

All sanctioned volunteer hours should be recorded on the "Report Hours" page in the "Members Corner" of this website.

Approved Volunteer Hours

The mission of the St. Louis Master Gardener Program is to provide research-based horticultural information to the public for community service and gardening pleasure. In keeping with this mission, work at all sites and all organizations listed on the Master Gardener Volunteer Opportunities page or Report Hours page are approved as Volunteer Hours.

Other activities that are approved Volunteer Hours include:

  • Answering horticultural questions
  • Assisting in planning gardens
  • Diagnosing plant problems
  • Providing the type of information that the Horticultural Extension Agent would be expected to provide to the community
  • Group gardening activities such as community and church gardens
Some examples of activities that do not qualify as Volunteer Hours are:
  • Mowing lawns or raking leaves for friends and neighbors
  • Working in one's own garden
  • Any activity for which one is monetarily compensated
  • Travel time to a site

Approved Continuing Education Hours

Continuing Education hours should be reported under the Continuing Education for Master Gardeners heading on the Report Hours page.

Here are some examples of activities that count as Continuing Education hours:

  • Monthly continuing education events offered by the St. Louis Master Gardener organization or the University of Missouri Extension
  • Any horticulture or gardening-related class taken through Missouri Botanical Garden's adult education program, including classes at Shaw Nature Reserve or Litzsinger Road Ecology Center
  • A horticulture or gardening related class offered by a nursery or horticulture industry group or by a civic or non-profit organization
  • Horticulture classes taken at St. Louis Community College at Meramec or other community college
  • An educational speaker at a garden club on a topic related to gardening or horticulture
  • If your normal MG volunteer site holds education/training sessions, you may count your attendance at such a session toward continuing education hours OR toward volunteer hours (your choice).

If you have any questions or problems reporting continuing education or volunteer hours on the St. Louis Master Gardener website please contact Holly Records at recordsh@missouri.edu.