MG Volunteer Hours Requirements

and Continuing Education hours, Here's the scoop.....

Volunteer and Continuing Education Hours Requirements

for St. Louis Master Gardeners

Feb. 9, 2013

 At the January 29, 2013 meeting, the St. Louis Master Gardener Advisory Committee voted a change in the requirements for volunteer and continuing education hours for St. Louis Master Gardeners.  The new requirements effective Jan 1, 2013 for a St. Louis Master Gardener to be considered “in good standing” are:  1) to report annually (Jan 1 through Dec 31) a minimum of forty (40) hours of volunteer service in approved volunteer activities and 2) to report annually receiving a minimum of ten (10) hours of continuing education.  These requirements match to those already in place at the state level as sanctioned by the University of Missouri Extension and by the Missouri Master Gardener Association.

This replaces the previous policy that St. Louis Master Gardeners contribute fifty (50) hours of volunteer work annually, with ten (10) hours of continuing education annually encouraged. 

As in the past, continuing education hours should be reported on the St. Louis Master Gardening website.  There is a new “Continuing Education” tab on the website page where hours are reported (third column, bottom tab).  When you click to expand the Continuing Education tab you will see four choices there to enter your hours.  These should be self-explanatory.  Virtually any event that you would consider “educational” counts! 

Here are some examples to help answer “What Counts as Continuing Education?”  The most important thing is that you log your hours.  Don’t fret about which button to use if you are unsure - just pick the closest match. 

1.  The monthly continuing education events offered by the St. Louis Master Gardener organization or offered by the University of Missouri Extension (Nathan Brandt’s March and September events) all count.  These should be reported using the “MG Continuing Ed” button.

2.  Any horticulture- or gardening-related class taken through MoBot’s adult education program counts.  Please use the button “MoBot Adult Edu.”

3.  Your attendance at a horticulture- or gardening-related class offered by a nursery or horticulture industry group, or offered at Shaw Nature Reserve or by other civic or non-profit organization counts.  Many such opportunities are listed in Holly Records’ weekly email newsletter to Master Gardeners and can be counted.  These should be reported using the button “Other-Misc Locations.”

4.  If you belong to a garden club and your organization’s meeting features an educational speaker (such as from a local nursery or horticultural or civic program or the Master Gardener Speaker’s Bureau) you may count that meeting toward continuing education hours.  Again use “Other-Misc Locations.”

5.  If your normal MG volunteer site holds occasional or regular education/training sessions, you may count your attendance at such a session toward continuing education hours OR toward volunteer hours – either one – your choice. 

6.   Horticulture classes taken at Meramec or other community college count.  Please use the button labeled “St Louis CC.”

If you have any questions or problems reporting continuing education or volunteer hours on the St. Louis Master Gardener website please contact Chyrle Arens ( or 636-296-3326, Chris Kirmaier ( or Holly Records (