Advisory Committee Nominations

Nominations for the MG Advisory Committee now being accepted.

"The St. Louis Master Gardener Advisory Committee is calling for nominations to serve on the Committee.  From now until March 30th, any St. Louis Master Gardener in good standing may nominate himself/herself or another Master Gardener in good standing to serve on the Advisory Committee. The term of office is 3 years, May 2015 through May 2018.   Meetings are held from 1PM to 3PM the last Tuesday of each month. You may nominate yourself or someone else, with their permission. Please include the year a nominee became a Master Gardener, where a nominee volunteers or has volunteered. Also include any special skills that a nominee may have, such as with Word, Excel or other computer use, finance, law, teaching or administrative. The nominees will be voted on by the Advisory Committee at the April Advisory Committee meeting. The 3 people elected will take office at the May meeting.

Nominations are made by signing into the "Members Corner" tab and selecting  "Nominate an Advisory Committee Member" from the list of options.  Then select the member's name from the provided drop down list, write a brief summary of why you are nominating this Master Gardener and then click "Submit".  

Nominees will be made known to all in April, prior to the April meeting of the Advisory Committee.  The Committee will elect 3 people from the nominees to begin a 3 year term on May 1st.  Meetings of the Committee are held on the last Tuesday of each month except in December.